Saturday, April 4, 2015

Cleaning Up with Toddlers is _________

If you were to ask me to fill in the blank above I would've answered something like: "a nightmare," "hell," "nonexistent," "futile," "useless," etc. I am always having trouble getting Joshua (my five year old) and Nicholas (my three year old) to help clean up. Even when they do help, they easily become bored, distracted, annoyed, or a combination thereof. No more! We found a way to make cleaning up fun: 

Simon Says.

I even had Nicholas walk away from a spilt glass of milk and I said, "Simon Says get a towel and clean it up." He went and asked Daddy for a towel.

Something that I find makes it still seem like a fun game and not Mommy using a game to be a tyrant, I sprinkle fun "Simon Says" steps to make it fun throughout the cleaning process. I even let them make up their own for all of us to do, too! 

So how do you creatively handle chores around your house? Comment below. I am always needing new ideas.

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